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Giving Wiregrass families strong financial foundations.

When Griggs Espy isn't working for his clients, he enjoys forestry. Griggs is methodical, taking the time to catalogue each tree with a critical eye. He looks for strengths and weaknesses, the density of the woods in particular places, and the progress of younger seedlings.

Griggs EspyRooted in Excellence

He looks for areas where growth may hurt the forest and new places where seedlings could strongly take root. He acts swiftly to safeguard the timber from disease and to manage its rich resources. He realizes that small decisions today can pay a huge dividend in the future, all in the best interests of the woodlands he so loves.

Planting the Seeds

But Griggs' dedicated effort to care and nurture isn't limited to local forests. For decades, he has been dedicated to helping families plan for their financial futures as one of the area's leading financial services professionals. By Planting Strong Foundations, Griggs has been able to have a major impact in the financial futures of hundreds of Wiregrass-area families.

A Common Goal

In both Griggs' career and forestry, he employs expert management techniques. In working with families' investments, he looks at the current market, or the lay of the land, to determine the best places to make investments. Insecure and stagnant investments are pruned, and strong areas for growth are investigated and used.

Nurturing Dreams

He knows that business owners, retirees and young families all have different needs and goals, and he works closely with them to determine the best plan to find a secure financial future. Griggs is one of the top professionals in the area, capable of working with financial and estate planning, investments, and insurance. He understands the needs of small businesses and is able to help employers take care of their employees with solid benefits and insurance packages.

Leave It To Griggs

When it comes to something as important as your family or the families of your employees, know that you can call on a caring professional who will help you plan for the future. Count on Griggs Espy and the professionals of Espy Financial Services to help you plane your seeds for success.

The future you sow is dependent on the plans you make today. For more than two decades, Griggs Espy has been Planting Strong Foundations in the lives of local families through solid financial planning. Call or email him today.